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IRM (Offshore) Services
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IRM (Offshore) Services

IRM (Offshore) Services

Apart from our experience inspectors and engineers, many are also highly trained multi skilled trade personnel’s such as Rope Access Welders, Rope Access Electricians and Rope Access Riggers with extensive experiences globally in derrick assembly, outfitting ,decommissioning inspecting, maintenance, repair and modification works on derrick / Mast, but not limiting to other on/offshore Maintenance services .The core value of our services are the team of elite personnel whom are highly qualified engaged people who persist .

Just to name a few, some of the IRM services we are able to support include;

• Support Turnkey operations for assembly, commissioning and testing

• Steelworks replacement , piping field assemblies, repairs, and dis-assemblies

• Bolt Inspection, Torque and Tightening

• Wind Wall & Heat Shield Installation

• Derrick Ladder replacements and Installation

• Replacement and alignment of guiderails

• Pipework handling and installation

• Crown Block removal and installation

• Top drive systems & Travelling Block

• On/Offshore Refurbishment and Maintenance Services                               

• Comp Ex Electrical and Mechanical Services

• On/Offshore Rope Access Welding Activities

• On/Offshore Rigging Activities

• Rope Access Hoisting & Lifting Operations

• Derrick Inspection & Structural surveys

• Flare stack, Chimney inspection and maintenance services

• Underwater & welding inspection services (U.W.I.L.D)

Contact Us

Email us at raim@siwatesting.com or rayong.branch@siwatesting.com