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Why use an IRATA Member Company

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Working at height safely is not achieved without diligence, careful planning and considered application. IRATA International has a continuously evolving regime of work procedures that member’s are required to follow and which are monitored for compliance to ensure that a safe system of work is established and maintained

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In choosing  STIC an IRATA member company, you get an audited safety program that meets the highest industry standard, assurance of safe and responsible working is based on:

• Adherence to a strict code of conduct

• Audited and regularly re-audited member companies

• Robust membership entry criteria

• Rope access technicians who have been thoroughly trained and are required to re-train every three years

• The independent assessment of every IRATA trainee technician wherever in the world he or she is trained

• An unrivalled level of site supervision

• Mandatory work procedures that are a constant wherever IRATA teams operate.

• IRATA member companies approach their work with professionalism and a confidence in their ability to successfully complete a task.

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